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    • Thank you for your interest in joining our staff team. Your application is now: Under review The administrative team is in the process of reviewing your application and will get back to you once they are finished.
    • Staff Application Please title your application 'Applicant name' Staff Application - MM/DD/YYYY   General questions Character name: Manny Rivera SteamID: 76561198210215611 How long have you been with the community? 1 week How old are you? (IRL) 17  Tell us about your character: Manny was born in Chicago IL, a very uncomfortable place to live in. His parents were in the middle to poor class and couldn’t afford much but always provided anything their son needed. With hard times within the family, arrests, and deaths Manny always stood in their strong and kept his composure. The lack of money and funds really affected Manny and Manny wanted a change for his family. At the age of only 16, he decided to deal marijuana and sell it to his locals. Funds were coming in, wants were being purchased. Manny was having a great time dealing but didn’t realize the cons it could have on his family until…. 3 years later. [Local News] “Shots fired at home leaving one dead. Sources say it was a drug deal that went wrong”. Manny’s innocent mom has been shot, and this did not only affect Manny mentally but physically too. 6 years went by, and he and his dad are officially leaving Chicago to move to Los Santos. He says it’s best for his career and lifestyle. Manny’s dad was 100% with it as he always says, let God hold your future and always have faith in it. How active are you on the server? I've been developing for about 3 days now, and plan to continue with the development Do you have any staff experience on any other servers?  If so please name them: Yes, unfortunately, I dealt with the cancer Garry's Mod with owning multiple communities of mine. I also had communities in FiveM where I also had to develop/ administrate on, so I have well enough experience. - Project Reality: Moderator - Project Life: Owner - NCBA: Administrator - and some more... Have you ever been banned or received administrative action against you? (If so please explain) Yea got banned for disrespecting a player because he said something slick in the discord. I wasn't part of the community at the time but was banned permed from the discord.  Why do you want to join the staff team? (100 words minimum) My primary reasons for wanting to be apart of the Staff Organization here on SFTF are: I genuinely like everybody here and I want to engage more with the community as we continue to leave the development stage of things and become more of an independent base. I want to better myself and assist the server as we will be very limited in staff upon opening. I always love to help people, in anyway that I can, I love to help other's. There is no other solution that I could do to enable that further, than join the Staff Team. This is a community that I have been gaining some love for, upon developing and assisting with things and I just want to take it to that next level with administrating and keeping the server the place that us developers vision it to be.  What makes you a good fit for the staff team? (100 words minimum)  What makes me a suitable candidate for the staff team, and a potential further beneficial candidate than my peers would be that I have a very strong work ethic and morals. I always do the right thing, regardless if someone is looking. I'm extremely reliable and responsible. I can be trusted to always get the job done in a sufficient and diligent matter. I'm never lazy, I can't stand laziness. Don't join the staff team if are looking for an easy way to get recognition. It's my firm belief that as Staff Members we are looked to lead the way and to set the example for our players on the server we all love and enjoy. This is what makes me a good fit to join the staff team.  What can you bring to the server as a staff member? (75 word minimum)  The special skills I bring to the table are these, I have unwavering leadership, and can always be counted and. I'm dependable, loyal, and humble. I hold myself accountable for my actions and deeds and will carry myself professionally throughout the time I am staff here on SFTF. I take every situation seriously and not in a careless matter. I also share knowledge of Lua scripting, C#, HTML, Java, texture edits, meta editing, and a little bit of graphic design. I do a whole lot of everything, so if ever needed my assistance can always be provided in a timely and dependable manner.  What suggestions do you have for the server? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tlMKBQy3ovjzFL-ukY0_lOGOE0HQzz11iR28aG9UxXQ/edit?usp=sharing   LOI for the Community Manager Position Available: A staff position is a very important and valuable job within any community. They uphold a base as a leader for members to go to if any situation unfolds. This community, looks up to you as a leader, leading by example when it comes to this certain responsibility. Working hand to hand with other Directors and Managers, maintaining a positive attitude and always working hard to strive for your main goals as a staff member. Handling complaints, and sustaining a substantial amount of reputation as both a roleplayer and your general attitude towards anything. I, myself believe that I can represent Stand for the Flags staff team bringing a positive attitude to everything I have to do. Stating all those characteristics above, I know I have those characteristics to withstand a strong base as a Community Manager. I am well organized. With that, I countlessly devote my time and efforts to Stand for the Flag, as I have devoted countless hours of developing and reporting a substantial amount of bugs, besides me was both Luke and Jeff. I plan on working side by side with a great staff team. Accepting both criticism and suggestions to the daily run as a Community Manager. I would professionally deal with complaints. I uphold a decent reputation, not having any serious situations with staff or any serious complaints by others out of roleplay. I am a mature individual who can obey and understand standards and rules that are pointed my way. I know I could live by example for our current staff team. Coming from owning 2 successful communities, I know how to manage and instruct a Staff Team properly so that all day to day jobs are smooth as possible. Regarding roleplay, I am an enjoyable and friendly guy ( I hope ). I tend to mess around with people but likewise, that’s my “character”. Completely out of roleplay I stand strong and act very much mature around others in serious situations. I don’t wanna be that guy who is serious about every issue but wants to be that guy who can be loose and take every situation professionally. Unprofessional acts out of character should not be tolerated. I want to make this community both a safe and enjoyable place to be around of. I know with respect, honesty, and gratitude, both you and I can hold a strong community and staff team and be very successful. I want to set standards for our staff to look at to know what the community expects from them. Any situation regarding staff, I shall take full responsibility due to my supervision of both myself and my community. It’s time we have a chain of command and set standards, less complaints, and more professionality. My main goals as Community Manager is to supervise and lead a professional and organized Community to the best of my ability. I know I am not even a staff member yet, taking on such a high ranked position might feel not right for me, but I know I’m ready. I strongly believe everything I stated above, that I can be a perfect fit as Community Manager for Stand for the Flag.
    •        Welcome to Stand for the Flag Role play, we are pleased that you choose to join our server. And we look forward to interacting and getting to know all of you. Below you will find our mission statement and some general information pertaining to the server.         Here at Stand for the Flag Role play we strive to provide you with realistic and quality Role play unparalleled to any other community. There is a multitude of opportunities available here at Stand for the Flag for you to enjoy. With countless Civilian jobs and activities to participate in we give our users the freedom and creativity to Role play their way, and we encourage users to think outside the box as Role play far extends the set parameters we have in place. Civilian life not for you, no problem currently there are three government agencies that are available to join. The Blaine County Sheriffs Office, San Andreas Highway patrol, or San Andreas Fire & Rescue. These agencies are ran to the highest quality and professionalism, and excel at providing the most realistic and fun Emergency Services experience of any other community.         If at any time you have any questions or concerns in relation to Stand for the Flag feel free to contact one of our staff members! They are always available and will most certainly have no problem assisting you. If you are unable to reach a Staff member in game feel free to message us on the Forum,Team speak or Discord. Remember we are here to help you!   TeamSpeak IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/QWnadjP    
    • Ban Appeal Please title your ban appeal 'Your name' Ban Appeal - DD/MM/YYYY   Your name: SteamID: Date you where banned: Who banned you? Do you have any witnesses? Why where you banned? Why do you want to be unbanned? Why do you think you should be unbanned? Do you have any references that feel the same way?
    • Staff Report Please title your report 'Your name' Staff Report - DD/MM/YYYY   Your name: SteamID: What staff member are you reporting? Was anyone else involved? When did this happen? What happened? (Please be as detailed as possible) Please link or attach any evidence you have.